Online Registration through Pickle Events

We are pleased to announce the availibility of online registration through Pickle Events. We have partnered with ZapEvent, a leading online registration company, to create a fast, easy, and secure registration process. Any race will be able to do their online registration through Pickle Events at no additional cost to the race.

Visit our online registration page for more information.

How does online registration work?

After we receive your request for information, our ZapEvent representative will contact you and set up the registration process. They will walk you through the registration form and assist you throughout the event planning and implementation process.

Why use online registration?

There are many benefits to online registration, including:

  • Single-source data entry: You will be able to enter all hard-copy registrations into the online system at no additional cost. All your data is in one location that you can access at any time and any place.
  • Quick roster hand-off: ZapEvent will automatically set up a report that Pickle Events can access the week of the event in order to get the database information we need. This eliminates the time-consuming task of combining databases and formatting and emailing them to Pickle Events prior to your race.
  • Contact with your racers: Quick mass emails to everyone in your database, self-service registration confirmation, and social media integration are just some of the features you will have at no cost.

For more information on online registration, as well as a list of upcoming races using our services, please visit our Online Registration page.


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